It's Time to Put Kayak on Ice

Take the pain out of flight search. Built by some of the same people who built Hipmunk, Flight Penguin is now available as a Chrome extension.

Visualize your Choices

Our time-bar layout makes it easy to see when flights depart and land. Gaps show layovers, so you can see how long you'll be on the ground and if you'll have time for a call or a snack.

Find Better Flights

In the search on the right, Kayak's "cheapest" and "best" flights have a layover and then a miserable redeye that lands at 5:17 AM. On Flight Penguin? Our top choice is a sensible, nonstop, daytime flight.

No collusion

Some of the largest travel sites hide flights from you in exchange for special favors from airlines. Flight Penguin wants only the best for you.

Search with Cash or Points

Been racking up credit card points during COVID? Search with Chase Ultimate Rewards Points, or see prices in cash.

Fly Pain-Free

Sort by Pain to find the best combination of comfort and value. With no ads to distract you, you'll fly through your search.

Follow the money

Unlike other travel services, Flight Penguin won't sell you to the highest bidder. Our results are unbiased and uncorrupted.

Waddle it Cost?

30 day free trial, then just $10/month.
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