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Flight Penguin is an open-source browser extension that finds cheaper and more comfortable flights faster.

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Tired of confusing search results?

Flight Penguin makes finding great flights a breeze.

Visual Flights

Do your eyes glaze over staring at virtual flight tickets that are intentionally made to be difficult to compare? Our time-bar layout makes it easy to see flight takeoff, landing, and layover times.

Fly pain free

Sick of seeing 'best' flight being a redeye on a discount carrier with a long layover? Our top choice finds the best combination of comfort and value - usually an affordable, nonstop, daytime flight.

One search

Hate having to visit multiple travel sites? Our extension searches over 600 airlines globally, including many that do not play nicely with others.


Searching for trustworthy results?

Flight Penguin is taking a stand against the travel industry's bad behaviors.

No ads

With Flight Penguin, you'll never see an advertisement pretending to be a flight. We're committed to never showing ads.

No bias

We don't make money from upselling you to a more expensive flight or tricking you into buying a premium product. Our results are unbiased and uncorrupted.

No collusion

Some of the largest travel sites hide flights from you in exchange for special favors from airlines. We refuse to enter into any agreements with airlines, so we can show you more flights.

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