Making it easy to compare flights

Why do search results look like a glorified spreadsheet? I'm searching for flights, so I care about the airline, price, and times. Comparing the individual flight cards is harder than it should be - they just are not visual. With Flight Penguin, we take the pain out of flight search by showing the most flights and making it easy to compare flights in a simple, visual way.

Make it easy to compare flights

Most flight search sites make it hard to compare flights.  You get a virtual ticket shown on screen, and that isn’t exactly easy to compare 10+ flights, as you have a lot to keep track of - airports, flight times, layovers, price, and more. Looking at Google Flights, you can see these options spread across the entire screen with no visual aids for comparison:

Google Flights Compare Flights

Compare that to Flight Penguin, where we do a much better job of visually organizing information, you only need to look at the price, airline, and the timebar that contains all the flight information for you visually.

Comparing Flights using Flight Penguin

Picking the right flight here is easy. With the timebar, you can see the departure and arrival times, duration, layovers, locations, and more quickly and easily. This visual representation means that you don't need to remember a ton of data points or scroll back and forth.

Ready to get started?

Flight Penguin is available in the Chrome Extension ​store right now as part of our free public beta. No payments, no subscription, just a better way to plan your travel.