Show me the flights

Have you ever noticed that most travel websites don't use much of your screen for showing you what matters - the flights between your airports. Instead, you're bombarded with fake results, actual ads, overly complex interfaces, and lots of empty space. It does not have to be this way. With Flight Penguin, we take the pain out of flight search by showing the most flights on your screen.

Comparing in the real world

Let’s take a look at the top flights from a number of search engines and airlines, then compare the results with Flight Penguin.  All of these searches are for a popular search - New York City to Orlando, departing from May 6, 2022 and returning on May 8, 2022 with one adult in an economy class seat.  These searches were all made on April 22, 2022 for reference in Google Chrome with no ad-blocking enabled.

Comparison of Flight Search sites without Flight Penguin

Provider Flights in frame Ads in frame Flights screen percentage
Google Flights 4 0 34%
Expedia 6 3 25%
TripAdvisor 3 3 21%
Skiplagged 7 0 46%
United 2 0 30%
JetBlue 5 0 26%

Somewhere between 2 and 7 flights on screen seems pretty awful to me, let alone the fact that none of these sites has devoted 50% of the screen to results.  There’s a lot of screen real estate that isn’t being used for helping you make a decision.  Compare that to Flight Penguin:

A search in Flight Penguin

Here, we can see 9 flights with 0 ads without having to scroll, with 75% more screen space dedicated to flights than our nearest competitor. In most cases, you won't need to scroll, because all the best options are right there for you to see quickly.

Ready to get started?

Flight Penguin is available in the Chrome Extension ​store right now as part of our free public beta. No payments, no subscription, just a better way to plan your travel.